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(Rubber Stamping & Other Techniques)

  Creating your own home-made greeting cards, gifts boxes, gift certificate holders and other home-made gifts is such a wonderful hobby. You get the pleasure of creating cards and gifts which is great therapy for a stressful life and you get to see the pleasure you give to others when they receive your special cards and home-made gifts. In this section, I will be featuring sites that I have found offer great ideas and instructions for creating wonderful home-made cards for all occasions. And from time-to-time, I will feature my own unique designs and instructions for creating greeting cards or gifts that you can give your family and friends throughout the year. I hope you will find inspiration from these web sites and use the design ideas to create your own special birthday cards, holiday cards and special gifts for the many life events that we celebrate yearly.

create holiday greeting cards
Holiday Card Designs - Click the link to view a few of the holiday cards I have made. Some of the designs are my own designs and some of them came from attending a Stampin Up Stamp Camp. I will be adding more designs to this page in the coming months.
creat home-made thank you cards
Thank You Card Designs - Click the link to view a few of the thank cards I have made. Some of the designs are my own designs and some of them came from attending a Stampin Up Stamp Camp. Obviously, this is an on-going work-in-progress. More to come.
create birthday card with flower punches
Birthday Card Designs - Click the link to view a few of the birthday cards I have made using various techniques. Some of the designs are my own designs and some of them came from attending a Stampin Up Stamp Camp or getting ideas from other creative ladies online. Additional designs will be added frequently.
unique mother's day home-made cards
Mother's Day Card Designs - On this page you can view some special Mother's Day cards I have made using some of my favorite techniques. Many of these designs will come from attending local stamping events and I give you complete instructions so that you can recreate these designs youself. I will be adding designs as I have time so check back frequently.
create birthday or father's day cards
Card Designs for Men - When you go to this section you will be able to see masculine card designs that I created. I think you will enjoy these designs as it is often very hard to find good homemade greeting card designs for the men in your life. At our stamping events we tend to focus on flowery cards or feminine designs because there are more stamps available with those elements. I hope you will enjoy this cards.
get well card with whale
Get Well Card Designs - This section features pretty and funny get well cards that you can make for famly and friends to help them feel better. Color images and tutorial with supplies is provided for each get well card. Have fun making these cute cards.
instructions for creating rubber stamping techniques
Split Coast Stampers Resources - This is the Resources secton from A wonderful site for truly inspired ideas and instructions on creating unique greeting cards and gifts. Whenever I need a new idea for a greeting card I always start at this website because they have 1,000s of examples of greeting cards that their members have submitted and they have them categorized so that you can find these ideas based on any search term you may have. Their Resource page (which is linked here) has dozens of full page instructions with color images detailing many different ways to use your rubber stamping tools. You can spend hours on this site... and I have! Some of the latest instructions feature: brick wall design, party favor boxes, note card box or tote, 3D stamping, acetate & tissue design, acrylic resist backgrounds, fabric cards and much much more.
victorian style home made greeting cards
There Is No Place Like Home Blog - This is a blog by a woman in Texas who features some truly unique home-made card designs. I love the victorian look and design of her cards featured on her site. She offers full instructions on creating these one-of-a-kind greeting card masterpieces.
using rubber stamps to create beautiful cards
Stamped With Love - This site features designs by an avid rubber stamper who definitely has a flair for cheerful and beautiful card designs. I love cards featuring a lot of color and her designs definitely have that quality. She uses a lot of beautiful floral stamps which are one of my favorite types for designing birthday cards, thank you cards and get well cards. Her gallery features designs with links to pages for complete instructions.
ideas for creating home-made greeting cards
Thinking Inking Blog - The lady who designed this blog has some wonderful designs to view and enjoy. I stumbled upon her site by following the links from another site. They display designs that feature wonderful color and composition. I love the designs featuring beautiful patterned papers. This site also provides a long list of other sites that you can visit for more design ideas.
card making magazine design ideas
Card Maker Magazine - Card Maker Magazine is a publication dedicated to our hobby of creating home-made greeting cards. They have a page where they feature their Top 20 downloads of designs. They have another page where they feature designer blogs where you can find some really creative ideas. You can also subscribe to their magazine and loads of other things to do.
iris paper folding ideas
Hand Craft Greetings for Ideas on Iris Paper Folding - If you have wanted to learn how to do Iris Paper Folding to incorporate into your card designs, this site offers 4 free designs to get you started. You can also find an iris paper folding blog and a gallery of card designs for viewing.
card making tutorials Techniques & Tutorials for Rubber Stamping - You probably are already familiar with But did you know they have a whole section dedicated to rubber stamping techniques and tutorials? They have tutorials on a lot of different cool techniques for creating beautiful home-made cards and gifts using rubber stamps and tools. Some of the subjects they cover are: Perfect Pearls Lifting (Lift-Off) Technique, How to Make Quick UTEE Embellishments, Use Rainbow Ink Pads to Create Marble Ink Effects, Simple Masking Technique, Chalks - Apply Chalks Wet for a Different Effect and many more cool ideas.
rubber stamping techniques ideas and instructions
S.T.A.R.S. Blog - Another great design blog for rubber stampers from a Stampin Up demonstrator. Lots of really colorful greeting card and scrapbooking layouts and techniques.
rubber stamping techniques and designs
Rubber Road Adventures - An internet publication dedicated to great design ideas, projects, tips, products and more. A lot of designers are contributing to the success of this rubber stamping website. Lots of beautiful images and step-by-step instructions.
rubber stamping greeting card templates
Clearly Rubber Stamping Templates - Card Making Templates can be a fabulous help to those seeking ideas for their next hand made greeting card. These layouts are easily used with clear rubber stamps, and can easily be adapted to scrapbook art. Card layouts can also help you create cards made with some of your favorite photos. Each template is FREE for you to use online and will help you design, and begin decorating your own card making hobby.

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